NIGHT OWL: for the price of PAY WHAT YOU CAN!

NIGHT OWL is a comedy series about the weird night time events in a 24 hour grocery store, the staff who work the graveyard shift, and a regular shopper who can’t sleep and has no real friends...yet.
So it only made sense to dedicate the release of NIGHT OWL in hono(u)r of & thanks to the unsung heroes of our current time: Grocery Store Workers everywhere! NIGHT OWL is now officially available, WORLDWIDE, for the price of PAY WHAT YOU CAN. 100% of the profits generated will go directly to the following non-profit organizations doing much needed work in our communities:
(read on for more info on these organizations!)

But don't worry! We know not all of us have spare $$$ lying around to donate. No money? No problem! For anyone who may be short on funds, the price of watching Night Owl is: PAY WHAT YOU CAN. So however much (or little) you're comfy with paying, works great for us! And if that number is $0.00, we get it! Life is expensive. Watch Night Owl anyway, for free, with the following promo code: OWL2GETHER
Vimeo VHX doesn't allow us to list the price at $0.00 and they disable promo codes if you're outside the USA. In that case, we're real sorry about that! Email [email protected] and we'll send you a screener directly, for free.
Here's some background on how Night Owl came to be and why it's dedicated to grocery store workers everywhere:
I came up with the idea for this show after moving to a brand new city where I knew absolutely no one and had a tricky time making friends. I was anxious, lonely as hell, and bored out of my mind. Naturally, I got insomnia! So when I couldn’t sleep, I’d drive to the 24-hour grocery store near my studio apartment; just to go for a walk in a safe place and clear my head. All the characters in the show are inspired by the real staff at the grocery store I’d frequent late at night. Many of whom eventually became my real friends.

Night Owl had its World Premiere at SXSW 2018. After that, we did a 1.5 year festival run which brings us up to about now when the only thing left to do was release it.
Finding some (albeit small) way for Night Owl to give back to our community felt like the only right way to release a show about the staff at a 24 hour grocery store right now! Because it turns out, grocery store workers are the unsung heroes of our current time. To think that, through it ALL: the pandemic, the panic-buying, the supply chain issues, the police brutality, the protests, the fight for justice, the list goes on... grocery store workers have BEEN holding us down! Consistently and quietly, they've been going to work, wiping down carts, offering us hand sanitizer and keeping on keeping on... it’s pretty incredible stuff.

So Night Owl is dedicated to the staff at grocery stores everywhere: this one’s for you. Thank you for all that you’ve done. If this show makes you laugh even once; even because you make fun of how bad it is; I appreciate you and your viewership more than words can express. Thank you, Rebekah :)
Last but certainly NOT least! Here's some Additional Information about the organizations we're donating 100% of our profits to; so that you can know a bit about the work they do and where your dollars are going:

The Neighbourhood Food Hub:
The Neighbourhood Food Hub seeks to connect people to fresh, nutritious food and celebrate community through learning and access to local services. Working with our partner organizations and local food champions, The Neighbourhood Food Hub aims to become a welcoming gathering space, open to all, of learning, community, access to healthy food, and a place to eat together.

BIPOC TV and Film:
BIPOC TV & Film is a grassroots organization and collective of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in Canada's TV and film industry. From writers, directors, producers and actors to editors, crew members and executives, our members are a mix of emerging, mid-level and established industry professionals. BIPOC TV & Film is dedicated to increasing the representation of BIPOC both in front and behind the camera. BIPOC was founded in 2012 as Indigenous & Creatives of Colour in TV & Film by Writer/Director Nathalie Younglai, who saw a need to form a community for others like her, who were also feeling isolated by the overall lack of representation of BIPOC in the industry. This collective is the only intersectional organization in Canada dedicated to providing safe spaces for all Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in the industry.
BIPOC TV & Film hosts a series of panels, Q&A sessions, workshops, networking events and provides opportunities to secure employment in the television and film industry, specifically targeted to BIPOC. We also hold occasional events throughout the year that are open to allies, as we believe the support of allies is integral to creating a welcoming industry for BIPOC.

Pathways to Education:
We provide youth from low-income communities with the resources they need to graduate from high school and break the cycle of poverty. We believe in the strength and potential of young people and the communities that stand behind them. We believe in the power of our partners, including individual volunteers, organizations, and government supporters. We believe in our ability to learn from others and apply that learning to make our work the best it can be. We strive for impact, whether in the life of one student, the strength of one community, or the health of our country. Our goal is to ensure that one day, every young person in Canada can graduate from high school. The award-winning Pathways to Education Program is provided to high school students living in low-income communities across Canada. Our program’s holistic combination of academic, financial, social, and one-on-one supports is proven to remove barriers to graduation and promote positive youth development during critical high school years.